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Houston Texans Newswire: Let Me See Your Ink

The Texans have a fine backup QB while the NFL checks ink in this edition of the Newswire.


Houston Texans News

Got a Fat Sonic? Get Swagg Juice!

As Tim covered yesterday, Sam Montgomery has been put on the "non-football injury list," reportedly because he was out of shape. Bayless, of course, has the best remedy for a chubby Sonic.


Insert ______ to Watch at Training Camp

Julie Takahashi gives us five players to watch at training camp, including her take on the ‘new and improved' Matt Schaub.


Single Game Tickets Go On Sale This Week.

Single game tickets go on sale on Thursday to be exact; you don't want to miss the Homecoming Game, non-season ticket holders! Still boggles my mind that there is a Homecoming Game.


Yates makes the Grade.

Chris Burke of SI ranked T.J. Yates as the 11th best back-up quarterback in the league. BRB, what do you think of that ranking?


Around the League

Lets Talk About Talk About HGH.

With the recent suspension of Ryan Braun for the use of (or evidence of use of) HGH, it has once again become a topic of discussion in the NFL. Former NFL Pro Bowler Jon Beason welcomes HGH testing. Nate Scott of USA Today brings up the question if NFL players get a pass on HGH.


Oh, Joy...MJD Cleared to Practice.

Team doctors have cleared Jacksonville's all-world running back to return to practice. I'm sure all of the AFC South is rejoicing.


Let Me See Your Ink.

NFL decision makers may soon be looking at more than just the measurables of a potential draft pick. The NFL is looking into employing experts to check players' tattoos for gang affiliations. I realize that playing a game for a living is a privilege, but are they starting to step over the bounds of freedom of choice (this does mean a freedom from consequences, but where is the line drawn)?