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2013 Houston Texans Training Camp Guide: How Much The Players Make, Plus Other Interesting Facts

Ever wondered exactly how much players make for participating in training camp? Or when they can put pads on? Or how many days off they get? Thanks to the NFLPA, the answers to those questions are in this post.

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They aren't making big money just yet.
They aren't making big money just yet.
Bob Levey

We all know that professional athletes, including but not limited to NFL players, get paid a metric ton of money to play a game. What you may not have known, however, is that NFL players do not make big money for participating in training camp, no matter how big their contracts are. Each player is paid a standard rate, distinguishable only by whether a player is a rookie or a veteran. How much are they paid? The NFLPA provides that answer, plus some other interesting facts, in this document entitled "Training Camp Guide." The highlights:

-Veterans make approximately $1,700.00/week during training camp. Rookies make approximately $925.00/week during training camp.

-Teams can't put the players in pads until the fourth day of training camp, and no padded session can last more than three (3) hours.

-There must be at least a three (3) hour break between practice sessions.

-Teams cannot spend more than four (4) hours on the practice field in a given day.

-Players must be given at least one day off every seven (7) days of camp, with at least five (5) total days off during training camp.

-At some point during camp, it seems the NFLPA will be drawing a blood sample from some segment of the player population to test for HGH. According to this article (tip o' the cap to Arrowhead Pride), this testing is the first step in a study to determine what the "normal level" for HGH in a player is so the NFLPA and NFL can continue working toward a testing protocol.

Interesting, huh?