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Houston Texans Newswire: Football Is Upon Us

Texans training camp begins tomorrow, Jerruh talks NFL in Los Angeles, Eric Winston close to finding a new home, and more in this edition of the Newswire.


Houston Texans News

Message From the Mothership.

SB Nation's Mark Sandritter put together a guide for training camp, including expected position battles. To take a line from one of my favorite movies - " [Training Camp Guides are] powerful agents for the uninitiated. But we are initiated, aren't we [BRB]?"


We're Just Playing for Monopoly Money, right?

Sporting News takes a look at the Texans from a betting perspective. Interesting read, but the idea of attaching money to my fandom is too much. I can't be dressed and broke.


Fans Beware.

The new stadium rules for bags will be in effect for the Texans open practices as well. Plan accordingly.


Winston Close to Finding New Home.

The former Texans' Pro-Bowl tackle may soon be heading even further west, out to the Arizona desert. Eric Winston is too good to keep out of a job for long. If the deal does go through, Winston will face the team that drafted him on November 10th in Arizona.


Around the League

Jerry Knows ALL!

Jerry Jones can't go longer then one news cycle before sticking his head in. This time, Jerry took a stab at Los Angeles. Jones said that the lack of an NFL team in the City of Angels is a black eye for the league, and he expects two teams to move to LA. I don't understand the need for two teams in L.A. It will only create a red-headed step child. The first team to win in Los Angeles will win the support of the city, leaving the later to fight for the city's attention like the Clippers and Angels.


Jordan Ready to Take Flight.

Dion Jordan, the third overall pick, hopes to make an immediate impact in Week One. When asked about starting, ""I can handle it. I'll be ready to go." It will be quite a jump for Jordan; from the raw talent he showed at Oregon, to sidelined with a shoulder injury, and finally to (possibly) starting for the season opener. I applaud his attitude but I don't see it happening.


Edwards Back in New York.

Braylon Edwards has returned to the Jets, hoping to recapture his previous success with Mark Sanchez. The Jets seem to make all the right moves, if the goal is to have the same terrible offense they've had for the past few season.


Belichick Makes First Comments After Arrest.

Bill Belichick had his first press conference since Aaron Hernandez was arrested and released from the Patriots. Belichick's response was exactly what you would expect from Belichick. I would hope this would help turn the page on the Hernandez story, but of course it won't. Only time and football will do that.