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2013 Houston Texans Training Camp: Day Two Open Thread

As the Texans enter the second day of their 2013 training camp, fans share their thoughts and observations in BRB's open thread for the occasion.

Ryan Dunsmore

With the first day of training camp in the books, your Houston Texans continue the grind toward exhibition games with the second day of camp this morning. That means Texans fans will continue obsessing over every tidbit of action, news, and speculation emanating from Reliant Park.

As we should. After months of talking about how much we missed football, it's back, even if it's in the form of practice without pads. To that end, this is your open thread for Day Two of 2013 Houston Texans Training Camp. Pass along and discuss any thoughts, observations, concerns, news, and/or tweets that you deem fit in the Comments below.