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2013 Houston Texans Training Camp: Texans Sign ILB Joe Mays

The Houston Texans have improved their depth at inside linebacker by signing ex-Bronco Joe Mays.

He's a Texan now.
He's a Texan now.

Yesterday, it was widely reported that your Houston Texans were bringing in former Denver Broncos inside linebacker Joe Mays in for a workout. Today, well, let's see how that workout went.

Guess he did well enough, hmm?

Since people saw the hit in yesterday's report, it should be noted that quarterback Matt Schaub bears no resentment towards Mr. Mays. Okay, let's talk what this means on the field.

Mays, 28, is entering his fifth season. Last year, he broke his lower left leg and was placed on injured reserve after becoming a full-time starter the season before. Yes, your Houston Texans now have three linebackers coming off season-ending injuries.

Mays isn't expected to compete for a starting position, but he's more meant to be insurance in case Darryl Sharpton gets hurt (again). Apparently, the Texans learned from seeing Shane Vereen and Prisoner 81 slice up their inside linebackers last year. The Texans went out and bolstered their depth without signing some over-the-hill veteran. All in all, it's a good, cautious move.

Thoughts, BRBers? Happy to see another inside linebacker enter the fold?

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