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2013 NFL Supplemental Draft: It's Happening

There's always the NFL Draft. Sometimes, there's the NFL Supplemental Draft. This year is one of those times. Check out this post to see when the 2013 NFL Supplemental Draft will occur and which players have already declared themselves eligible for it.

The gem of the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft.
The gem of the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft.

There's not always a supplemental draft. This year, like last year, there will be one. Calendar July 11, 2013 accordingly, football fanatics.

In the meantime, feel free to begin the debate about whether you'd like the Houston Texans to burn the a 2014 draft pick next week on Damond Smith, Toby Jackson, or any other player who could potentially enter the 2013 Supplemental Draft.