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Houston Texans Are Traveling The Eighth Most Miles In 2013

We're number eight! We're number eight! Take a break from your regular Training Camp Programming and check out the teams travelling the most this year.

Dennis Grombkowski

I stumbled across this link on a message board thanks to a grumpy 49ers fan (not TDC, but this might make him grumpy afterwards). Apparently San Francisco is going to be travelling the most out of any other by a quite large margin. That's what an away game in London will do to you. Thanks to the geographical isolation of West Coast teams, this seems to be pretty common every year. Take a look at the chart below.

Matt Barrows on

The #49ers chose the road most traveled. Here's the 1-32 ranking for most miles covered this season ...

1. San Francisco 32,948 miles
2. San Diego 26,932
3. Oakland 26,240
4. Seattle 23,914 20.
5. Arizona 20,620 21.
6. Jacksonville 19,686
7. Minnesota 17,174
8. Houston 16,716
9. Denver 16,506
10. Philadelphia 15,932
11. Pittsburgh 15,502
12. Dallas 15,460
13. Kansas City 15,378
14. Indianapolis 15,180
15. Miami 15,150
16. New Orleans 14,510
17. Carolina 14,278
18. Tennessee 14,238
19. Tampa Bay 14,186
20. St. Louis 13,616
21. Washington 13,578
22. Atlanta 12,952
23. New England 12,024
24. New York Giants 10,944
25. Buffalo 10,572
26. Baltimore 9,306
27. Cincinnati 9,020
28. New York Jets 8,422
29. Cleveland 7,226
30. Green Bay 6,190
31. Chicago 4,898
32. Detroit 4,202

The top 5 teams all reside on or near the West Coast, with the 6th team being Jacksonville, who is also making the trip to London. With trips to Baltimore, San Francisco and San Diego, your Houston Texans fall to number eight on the list. Not too bad at all.


Looking at the map above, you can see why this list probably doesn't change much. The "East Coast bias" that some people complain about certainly has some geographical truth to it.

That's about it, readers. I'll leave you with this question: Would you want the Texans to ever participate in a game overseas (like London) if it means losing a true home game? Curious to hear your thoughts. Happy Tuesday.