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Houston Texans Training Camp Is Right Around The Corner… Will You Attend?

Here are a few morsels of information for you to chew on as we wait for Houston Texans training camp to open in a few weeks.


Drew Dougherty and Marc Vandermeer answered a few questions on the official team site today, and one of them pertained to Training Camp and the availability of tickets.

Dougherty said that tickets will become available during "that middle week of July" and that they'll be free of charge. So we should know more in about a week.

In the meantime, are you planning to attend? Have you attended before? Was it worth it? I'll be clearing some space in my super busy, ultra-important, suburban-dweller schedule to attend one of the camp sessions, hopefully. If I do, I'll be relaying as much information and pictures as possible via Twitter* or some such. We hope you'll do the same.

Here are the starting dates for the Texans Training Camp in 2013.

*Speaking of Twitter, I'm terrible at it, but I'm trying to use it more often. Join an elite group of 32 (currently) and follow me @LiterallyCorzo.

Happy Friday.