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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (07/06/13)

Lost in all the hoopla about Dwight Howard choosing to sign with the Houston Rockets is that Battle Red Blog still has its weekly Saturday Night Open Thread. Come in, chat, and sit a spell.

No matter what, we still prefer J.J. to Dwight.
No matter what, we still prefer J.J. to Dwight.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I hope that yesterday's news about Dwight Howard choosing to sign with your Houston Rockets provided you with a bit of joy in this desert on the sporting calendar. If you can just hold on for another three weeks, your Houston Texans will begin training camp, and all will be right with the world again. Stay strong.

Discuss the Houston Texans or anything else that's on your mind on this perfect Saturday. Perhaps you want to talk about Sam Montgomery's likely adjustment to OLB in Wade Phillips' 3-4, or what the numbers say about Gary Kubiak's offense in Houston, or what you expect from Matt Schaub in 2013. Maybe you want to express your uneasiness about Dwight Howard coming to Houston, or your unfettered glee about the possibilities surrounding a James Harden-Dwight Howard one-two punch. Perchance you want to elaborate upon the pros (because there are no cons) to Antica Osteria.

It's an open forum, though the community guidelines are always in effect, so use your good judgment in what you post for public consumption. The fun starts now.