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2013 NFL Supplemental Draft: Six Players Eligible

There's now a complete list of the players eligible for selection in the 2013 NFL Supplemental Draft next week. See which six collegians are fair game.

Peace out.
Peace out.

We learned last week that there would in fact by a Supplemental Draft this year, and that it'd be held on July 11th at noon CDT. In addition to Damond Smith and Toby Jackson, we now know that four (4) other players have declared themselves eligible for next week's affair. Thanks to Rob Rang for the complete list:

James Boyd (DE--UNLV)
Nate Holloway (DT--UNLV)
Toby Jackson (DE--Central Florida)
DeWayne Peace (WR--Houston)
O.J. Ross (WR--Purdue)
Damond Smith (DB--South Alabama)

The article by Rob Rang linked above and this piece by Dan Kadar should enlighten you about any of those prospects with whom you're not familiar. I also figure there's a chance the Cougars among us may be able to provide some intel on Peace.

By all means, please share your thoughts in the Comments below. Or just reminisce about Tony Hollings. It's up to you.