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Announcing The BRB Fantasy Football League(s) Through Yahoo! Sports

It's about that time, BRBers. Get your fantasy on.

First round pick? You betcha.
First round pick? You betcha.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

SB Nation and Battle Red Blog have partnered once again with Yahoo! for our free fantasy football leagues. As we have now for the past three years, we have BRB leagues set up. We can set up more if there are more members that want to join.

I will re-activate the Johnathan Wells Memorial League and the BRB League from last year. I'll also establish a third league tonight. This one is going to be an auction league, just to mix it up. You should be able to join here. The first 15 people get in!

I would rather not be commissioner of all leagues, so I welcome it if any of you fine, upstanding individuals want to take charge of one (or forty).

When our league fills up, I can set up more, or any member can, too. Just add the information into the comments to let me know so I can share that with everyone. For the purpose of sharing, I would prefer that you set up a league as visible publicly. That way we can peep in on your league during the season.

Football and fantasy football are here!