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Forbes Declares Houston Texans Fifth Most Valuable Franchise In NFL

Read on to see exactly how much they're worth, as well as how much every NFL team is worth by Forbes' estimates. It's especially impressive when you compare it to what Bob McNair & Co. paid for the team.

Bob McNair is good with money.
Bob McNair is good with money.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

News flash: NFL teams are worth a lot of money. How much money exactly? Forbes answers the question annually in its evaluation of each NFL team's worth, and 2013's answers were released today.

This year, Forbes has your Houston Texans ranked fifth in the NFL in terms of value, to the tune of the team being worth a cool $1,450,000,000.00. Staggering, isn't it? Not a bad return on investment for Bob McNair and his investors; they paid $700,000,000.00 for the franchise a little more than ten years ago.

Go ahead and make your "I wish McNair was as savvy about special teams coaches as he is with money" in the Comments below.