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Open Thread: Thursday Night Football (Non-Texans Preseason Edition)

Join us for the kickoff of Preseason Week 2: Starters Occasionally Playing. No Texans tonight, but there's still football, so comment away.

Let's hope for a better Game 2 from D.J. Swearinger on Saturday night.
Let's hope for a better Game 2 from D.J. Swearinger on Saturday night.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It's Week 2 of the preseason (for most teams, at least), so we'll see the starters play just a bit more than in Week 1. Let's look at tonight's match-ups.

  • Panthers @ Eagles: Can we still call Philly "The Dream Team?" 'Cause it's still freaking hilarious. If rumors of Cam Newton's improved passing are true, it's going to be one scary team on the offensive side of the ball. For the Iggles, I doubt Chip Kelly will take responsibility for the rampant rule violations he left in his wake show much of his new offense. Maybe a flash or two?
  • Falcons @ Ravens: You know, I really don't have much to say about this game. /shrugs
  • Lions @ Browns: A great offense with a porous defense plays a crummy offense with a good defense.
  • Chargers @ Bears: So, this is the national game tonight? I'd even prefer to watch the Lions and Browns. Maybe we can make a final judgment on Marmalard's arm strength. And perhaps Jay Cutler, the self-professed greatest quarterback in the history of greatness, will survive the play of his offensive line. Still, I would rather watch Brandon Weeden imitate a QB.
Usual open thread rules apply. Please discontinue use if impotence occurs. May cause you to say something silly, and then you continue to stand behind your silliness against all logic because of, I don't know, hubris? /cough/