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2013 Houston Texans Preseason: What To Watch For In Texans-Dolphins

With the Texans second preseason game of the 2013 season scheduled to kick off tomorrow night, what things should Texans fans keep an eye on?

The face of the Texans' starting left guard if Wade Smith is out for awhile?
The face of the Texans' starting left guard if Wade Smith is out for awhile?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans' preseason opener against the Vikings last week revealed some things about the 2013 squad, but not much. Tomorrow night's tilt against the Dolphins should show us more, especially with the starters scheduled to play more than a series or two. A handful of things I'll be keeping an eye on at Reliant Stadium tomorrow night...

1. Ben Jones v. David Quessenberry: Who looks better at left guard? It's undeniably Wade Smith's gig, but how it shakes out behind him and/or in place of him if that knee surgery keeps him out into the regular season has yet to be determined.

2. Brian Cushing's Return to Live Action: I imagine this will be quiet, understated, and in no way involve Cushing unleashing months of frustration on some hapless soul who has the misfortune to be in his general vicinity.

3. Brandon Brooks: I know he played well last week in Minneapolis, and the reports out of training camp have been glowing. I want to see it.

4. Derek Newton: He remains the chalk for the starting right tackle gig. Will progress from last season be evident to everyone watching?

5. RB3: I expect to see a whole lot of Deji Karim tomorrow night. For all the good that Cierre Wood, Dennis Johnson, and Ray Graham have reportedly shown in practice, the third running back spot is Karim's to lose.

6. Sam Montgomery and Trevardo Williams: Disappointing training camp aside, both of these guys are making the team. Hopefully they flash some of the skills that made the Texans draft them back in April so we feel better about what's happening at OLB.

7. D.J. Swearinger: SWAGGinger did not have a particularly inspiring professional debut last week. Here's hoping he rebounds tomorrow night.

8. DeAndre Hopkins: I can't remember the last time I was this excited about watching a Texans rookie play. That's obviously not to impugn the glory of Texans rookies of years past; it's just that I don't remember being this giddy about watching another home preseason debut.

9. T.J. Yates v. Case Keenum: Sure, I'll be watching, but I'm not as nuts about this storyline as other fans are.

Other things you'll be keeping an eye on Saturday night? Want to remark about any of the ones I listed? Hit the Comments.