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Report: Antonio Smith Likely To Be Suspended

You might as well hear it from us before you hear it from some stranger on the Internet: A suspension for Texans defensive end Antonio Smith is likely. But how many games will he miss? And when?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Battle Red Blog's D_more55 sent the staff this picture from his phone alerting us of some startling news:

His phone is dangerously low on battery.  Check it out...


In unrelated news, reports are coming in that the NFL is investigating the incident we've all been talking about the last couple of days. In case you missed it, Antonio Smith ripped off Richie Incognito's helmet and seemingly swung it at his face like a weapon.  Check out the GIFs and analysis by Brett Kollmann here.

Considering Smith's history with Incognito and other players, a suspension certainly seems likely. In addition to last year's $21,000 fine for kicking Incognito, Smith was also fined $7,500 for ripping off then-Baltimore Raven Andre Gurode's helmet.

We'll keep you updated on Dmore's cell phone situation and Smith's possible suspension as news becomes available.

Also, just a note:

No matter what you may think of Richie Incognito's style of play and tactics, there's no way anyone should justify Smith swinging that helmet at his face. Cortland Finnegan getting his due from Andre Johnson is one thing, but Incognito possibly getting his faced smashed with a helmet is a completely different thing. No more comparisons should be made between those two incidents.