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Houston Texans Newswire: Feeding An Army

Houston Texans get on the bus for burgers, Riley Cooper takes a break from Eagles camp, and more in this edition of the Newswire.

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Houston Texans News

Tate Feels Tightness.

Ben Tate joined Arian Foster on the sideline today with some tightness in his groin. Tate is playing it off as precautionary and the Texans hope to catch something before it starts. The Texans can't afford another season with Foster caring the ball 300+ times.


Speaking of Mr. Foster...

Coach Kubiak stated that he hopes to have his All-Pro running back, Arian Foster, back on the field as soon as Sunday. Foster is nursing a calf injury from earlier in the preseason. Either way, I would expect a light preseason load after 351 carries last season.


The Mad Man Is Back.

The Texans' resident spark plug at linebacker is back on the field, taking part in a Texas football tradition - seven-on-seven football. Brian Cushing was able to plant and cut. With every step toward a return to full health, we are one step closer to another game with Cushing mic'ed up.


Man, You Could Feed An Army.

It appears that the Texans were treated to burgers on wheels after practice. Imagine that phone call.

"Hey, can you make enough to feed a football team?"
"A Pee-Wee team?"
"No, the Texans."
"Houston Texans?"
"Yeah. (shouts off into the distance, ‘We're Going to need more meat') Sure."


Around the League

Eagles Need Some ‘Me Time'.

Riley Cooper is proof nothing good happens at a Kenny Chesney concert. Just kidding about Chesney, but Cooper and the Eagles have a fine line to dance now. My guess is the Eagles hope the news cycle moves on from Mr. Cooper after a few days. I won't be surprise one way or the other if he isn't an Eagle at the start of season or playing a major role with Jeremy Maclin out.


Another ‘9er Bites The Dust.

The NFC's top team can't stay healthy. If it's not Crabtree or Patrick Willis, it's Chris Culliver. Culliver tore an ACL yesterday and he will be out for entire 2013 season. At this rate, you might see Colt McCoy under center week one.


No Tackles, Dummy.

Bill Pennington of the New York Times, takes a look at the new practice standards for Training Camp. Gone are the days of full-contact tackling; now the stress is on technique. Giants coach Tom Coughlin and Eagles coach Chip Kelly add their perspective on the changes.


A Jersey Ain't Nothin' But A Number.

Of course Oakland would mess up the handling of a jersey number switching hands. Tracy Porter is taking his switch to 31 in stride after Charles Woodson's return. Porter joked he wanted "maybe .5 percent ownership in (Woodson's) winery or something like that" in return for his number.


Running Backs Have Short Lives.

Kent Somers of USA Today Sports takes a look at the life of an NFL running back as compared to other positions.