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"Running Back Sons" Arian Foster's Commercial For Madden 25

We've given lots of attention to J.J. Watt and his recent string of commercials, but Arian Foster deserves some attention in this regard as well. His last TV spot is for the upcoming "Madden 25" alongside fellow running back Marshawn Lynch.

Pretty funny stuff, I think. Foster is clearly comfortable in front of the camera and inside of TV studios. He's a shoo-in for a post-football broadcasting job if he wants it. He's talented enough outside of football to do quite a few things.

A few days ago, John McClain wrote about Foster signing with WME, an entertainment and sports agency.

"In addition to film and television work, WME will help Foster explore opportunities in marketing and brand building, as well as literature, music and digital media.

"The agency will also support Foster in his philanthropic causes, which include combating childhood obesity and promoting financial literacy. WME will work with Foster’s business manager, Humble Lukanga, and his attorney, Joseph O’Hara, who will continue to oversee his NFL contracts and his business ventures."

- The Hollywood Reporter

Much like J.J. Watt, Foster is clearly planning ahead to secure a living after his playing days are done. As well he should. Football aside, Foster is uniquely talented, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work-- particularly the unreleased work he did with Houston rapper Bun B a couple of months ago. Sometime next year, we'll be seeing Foster in a movie called Draft Day, directed by Ivan Reitman.

For now, though, I'd be happy with Foster finally making it to the field and staying on it. I'm not yet worried about Foster's lack of playing time in the preseason. Early in the 2011 season, Foster re-aggravated a hamstring injury he suffered during training camp and did just fine. I say let him heal and give him as much time as he needs.

Leave your thoughts on Foster's new commercial in the Comments below. Also, Madden 25 is right around the corner, and as much criticism as that game gets, I can't help but to buy it every year. I'm David Corzo, and I'm a Madden junkie.

There, I said it.