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Battle Red Blog Fantasy Football Round-Up

Another call to arms for the ultimate fantasy: paying make-believe football with your BRB brothers and sisters.

This is a fantasy...
This is a fantasy...
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Yahoo! Sports and SB Nation brought about the return of Battle Red Blog Fantasy Football leagues. The third version of our league got filled in a hurry, which led to a few other leagues popping up.

We also had old leagues get renewed. Namely, the Johnathan Wells Memorial League and Sequel BRB League from last year, which can be seen here and here. Those leagues have not filled up. I will use this space to remind last year's managers to accept their invites before opening the doors to the masses (who may demand them opened right now).

While some leagues have drafted, I know others are in the same boat of not having filled the league. Whether you are in charge of a league needing members or are a member looking for a league, let's use the comment space below to make sure everyone's fantasies are fulfilled.

In the meantime, one of the best parts of Fantasy Football is team names. Think yours is clever? Brag about it in the Comments.