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Houston Texans Newswire: We Are Talking About Preseason?

Questions still linger around Antonio Smith and D.J. Swearinger, other teams name a starter at QB, and more in this edition of the Newswire.

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Houston Texans News

We're still talking about last week, but not in a good way.

Saturday's win over the Dolphins should have passed quickly into the ether of preseason football history. Lestar Jean caught a touchdown pass. That should be enough to prompt a quick exit out of everyone's collective memory.

But Antonio Smith and D.J. Swearinger's in-game actions have kept the game in the news well past its expiration date. It appears that the Ninja will be off the field of battle at least through Week One. Smith wandered from the path of the ninja when he swung a helmet at Richie Incognito.

As for Swearinger, I don't remember any questions of dirtiness being raised about his hit on Dustin Keller immediately after the game. Swearinger stated that the league's policy on hits to the head has prompted him to aim lower. To which Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline said, "Crap."

I can see both sides here. How many times have you seen a defensive back or linebacker line up a hit in the "strike zone," only to have the offensive player brace himself for the blow and lower his head? I'm not saying the offensive player isn't doing the right thing, but my point is defensive players have a split-second to make a decision. Sometimes it doesn't come out the right way, no matter what the original intentions were.


Texans expect Foster to be ready Week One.

The Texans may be without their Ninja in San Diego, but they expect to have their warrior poet Arian Foster back for for the season opener against the Chargers on Monday Night Football. Foster received injections before the Texans' first preseason game. The injections will take time to work and for the soreness to stop lingering. Adjust your fantasy drafts accordingly.


Texans fans do everything big.

The Texans had a 30% share of the Houston viewing market on Saturday on ABC 13. That was for a preseason game.

Around the League

QB carrousel makes a few stops.

No surprises here. Blaine Gabbert has been named the Jaguars' starting quarterback. Michael Vick has been named the starter in Philadelphia. And Brandon Weeden is first on the depth chart going into Week One for the Browns. I'm glad to see these teams are already gunning for the first pick in the 2014 draft.


As Brady's world turns...

The NFL world gasped (or devilishly smiled) about the possible injury to Tom Brady. His status went from knee injury to connecting on his first 11 passes against the Buccaneers. Now, Robert Kraft has put the hammer down on Mr. Brady. Kraft has asedk Brady to wear a knee brace not just on game day, but during practice as well. Of course Brady followed orders, because you want don't make Robert Kraft show you how strong his pimp hand is.


The Grossman Rises?

Kirk Cousins, the Redskins' backup quarterback, received a bit good news today. There were no further problems found on his MRI. Washington may be one big hit from the return of former Texans backup Rex Grossman with both quarterbacks ahead of him licking their wounds. Of course, come the regular season, Robert Griffin III will find his way onto the field.