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Battle Red Blog's Unofficial Yahoo! Pick 'Em And Survival Leagues

How football savvy are you? Want to test your gridiron grit up against your fellow BRB compatriots? Sign up here for BRB's Unoffical Yahoo! Pick 'Em and Survivor Leagues.

The original fantasy football...
The original fantasy football...
Bob Levey

Howdy, folks. The regular season debut of your Houston Texans is right around the corner, and that means it's sign-up time for all the various fantasy games out there today. My advice? Stick with Yahoo! And not just because they're sponsoring the heck out of SB Nation right now.

I've taken the liberty of setting up two styles of Pick 'Em games for Battle Red Blog. You'll need the League ID# and password to join each league. It's free to play of course, and I'll be updating periodically throughout the season.

For simplicity's sake, try to make your League name the same as your BRB name.

The first:

Yahoo! Survival Football

Battle Red Ballerz (Click Here to join)

  • League ID #: 11944
  • Password: brb

and second:

Yahoo! Pro Football Pick 'Em

Battle Red Six Pack (Click Here to join)

  • League ID #: 28371
  • Password: brb

The Pick 'Em league will be very straightforward. No worries about picking against the spread; just the winner, and it'll carry on through the playoffs. The Survival league could conceivably end Week 1, if there are some major upsets. You pick one team each week to win, but you can never pick that team again. If your pick loses, you're out of the league. Choose carefully.

Let me hear if you signed up, and if you have any suggestions in the Comments below. Happy Thursday.