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2013 Houston Texans Quarterbacks: T.J. Yates v. Case Keenum

Perhaps no topic has stirred Texans fans throughout the preseason quite like the issue of who will be second on the Texans' QB depth chart when the regular season opens. Where do you stand on the issue and why?

Don't forget 2011.
Don't forget 2011.
Bob Levey

Two preseason games down. Two more preseason games to go. If you take Gary Kubiak at his word, he has not made a decision as to which player will have the honor of backing up Matt Schaub for your Houston Texans in 2013. He's also not yet said whether T.J. Yates or Case Keenum will be the first QB off the bench on Sunday afternoon against the Saints.

Kubes may not know who his QB2 is, but I know that many a Texans fan has a strong opinion about who should be backing up The Schaub. Thus, I ask you, knowing full well that the race is not yet over: Who will be second on the Texans' QB depth chart when they open their 2013 regular season against the Chargers on Monday Night Football?

Rock the vote and then kindly explain your thought process in the Comments below.