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Open Game Day Thread: Saints v. Texans

If there's a preseason game to watch and talk about, it's the third preseason game. Talk Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints, and/or the game as it happens live on Battle Red Blog.

Keshawn's had some success against the Saints.
Keshawn's had some success against the Saints.
Chris Graythen

As much as a preseason game can be nationally relevant, today's game between Houston and New Orleans qualifies. It's the much anticipated third game of the preseason, and it's televised across the country on FOX. Feel free to make a sarcastic remark about how the Texans have historically done in front of a national audience if the spirit moves you.

Or you could opt to share your hopes, dreams, and thoughts about the game as it unfolds in real-time, thanks to the glorious technology available to you on SB Nation's platform.

This is your first open game day thread for Texans-Saints. Remember the community guidelines and take it away in the Comments. Enjoy the game.