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Houston Texans Preseason Week 3 Snap Counts

Because we all love spread sheets, here are the snaps accrued by your Houston Texans. Dissect and enjoy.

"OK, one more snap and THAT'S IT, Schaub."
"OK, one more snap and THAT'S IT, Schaub."
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to NFL GSIS for these numbers.

Offensive Snap Count Percentages

Name Position Offense % Defense % Special Teams %
B Jones C / G 88 14
D Quessenberry T / G 59 21
L Jean WR 56
B Brooks G 53 14
D Newton T 53 14
O Daniels TE 53 14
D Brown T 53 14
M Schaub QB 53
A Johnson WR 51
R Griffin TE 50 32
A Gardner T 47 18
C White G 47 11
R Harris T 47 4
A Lemon WR 37 29
K Martin WR 37 7
G Graham TE 36 25
B Tate RB 36
T Yates QB 24
C Keenum QB 23
D Johnson RB 14 14
T Clutts FB 12 32
G Jones FB 12 14
D Karim RB 10 43
C Wood RB 8 7

A couple things that stand out to me:

1) Lestar Jean was on the field for 53% of the team's offensive snaps but was targeted only twice.    Andre Johnson had 8 targets on 51% of the snaps, and that's certainly how things should be, but I wish there was a little bit more efficiency there for Jean. As a WR2 in a run heavy system, it's hard to complain too much, but I'm rooting hard for Jean to be a reliable target going forward.

2) I love Ben Jones getting so many snaps.  He started the game as the the LG and likely moved around between C and RG for the rest of the game.  That kind of versatility will certainly be useful in the future.  He wasn't perfect out there, but the offense can move with him on the field.

Defensive Snap Count Percentages

Name Position Offense % Defense % Special Teams %
D Swearinger DB 65 46
T McClain DT 54 25
B Harris CB 53 25
D Muir DT 51 11
T Dobbins LB 47 50
W Jefferson LB 47 29
S Keo FS 47 18
B Reed LB 47 11
K Jackson CB 47 11
D Manning FS 47 11
J Joseph CB 47 7
C Collins LB 46 46
J Crick DE 42 14
T Jamison DE 42 7
B McCain CB 40 32
B Braman LB 35 46
J Tuggle LB 35 29
B Cushing LB 35 4
J Mays LB 35 4
E Mitchell NT 30 7
R Carmichael CB 19 14
S Montgomery LB 18 4
T Williams LB 18 11
A Bouye DB 9 36

A few more observations:

1) Bryan Braman can't pull away from the "Special Teams Guy" label, and probably won't ever. He hasn't shown much growth on defense.

2) Brandon Harris is getting a ton of snaps, and he needs them badly. He showed some potential near the end of last year, and showed some of it again last night with a few pass breakups, but Harris has notched three costly penalties in two games -- the worst of which being the illegal Block in the Back that nullified a punt return touchdown.

3) Roc Carmichael will likely be fighting for his job next week.  Both he and A.J. Bouye didn't get too many snaps on defense, but both will play quite a bit against the Cowboys for the preseason finale.

4) Sam Montgomery and Trevardo Williams continue to lag behind Willie Jefferson and Justin Tuggle at the OLB spot.  They most definitely won't be cut from the squad, but an IR stash or two is certainly possible.  They should be featured heavily next week.  Stay tuned.

Got some observations of your own? Let us hear them.  I'll try to do this each week if people think it's interesting to track during the season.