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Battle Red Blog Fantasy Football: Last Call For League Invites

Most leagues have drafted, but there's still time to get into or create new leagues for those who haven't ventured over into the pastures of Yahoo! Fantasy.

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This picture is irrelevant.
This picture is irrelevant.
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Apparently, Saturday was "National Draft Day" or something of that ilk. It truly reminds you how far fantasy football has come. What was once some niche sideshow to football now has dedicated television programming, dedicated "experts," dedicated faux holidays, and dedicated postings. Now, it's almost crazy if you're not in some fantasy league (or ten).

For Battle Red Blog, we have a few leagues out there. There's the Writers League (which I'm sure will have a humble victor), two BRB standard leagues, an auction league, and our beloved Johnathan Wells Memorial League. The JWML does still have three vacancies, so if you're interested in playing anti-fantasy football, drop your email in the comments tonight. Most of these leagues draft this weekend.

If you're a junkie diehard and want more leagues then use this comment section to set-up or join a league. You can create a league here with Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

For those who have drafted, brag about your teams below. Brag about those sleepers and talk about how YOU will be a fantastical champion in January.