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Houston Texans Roster Cuts: RB Dennis Johnson Released, 21 More Names To Follow

The Houston Texans have made the first of their 22 releases by releasing undrafted free agent rookie running back Dennis Johnson.

Farewell and good luck, Dennis.
Farewell and good luck, Dennis.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

We're now in the window where 22 players will be released from the Houston Texans to drop the roster down to 53 men and the suspended Antonio Smith. Thanks to's Ian Rapoport, we're now aware of the first man gone.

Johnson, the 5-foot-7 undrafted free agent from the University of Arkansas, had 129 rushing yards and a touchdown on 33 carries while also catching five passes for 31 yards. Those are respectable numbers for a running back fighting for the third position on the depth chart. However, if one fumble can land a back in Gary Kubiak's doghouse, then an undrafted rookie free agent fumbling six times in four games, not to mention any muffed/bobbled punts, will land him off the 53-man roster.

Stay tuned to Battle Red Blog as we continue to follow the Twitter hotline for more roster news.