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Houston Texans Roster Cuts: More Players Released, But Moves Still To Be Made

Multiple reports indicate the picture of which players will comprise the Texans' 53-man roster is becoming clearer, but a handful of moves still must be made. Check out Battle Red Blog for all the latest roster moves.

These two players have one big thing in common.  Guess what it is.
These two players have one big thing in common. Guess what it is.

Word of the Texans' first cut on the march from 75 to 53 leaked early this afternoon. Two more names followed not long thereafter. Shortly before quittin' time, D.J. Swearinger confirmed that A.J. Bouye made the squad.

Then I went home for the day and got distracted by real life. Stupid real life. Always getting in the way.

Thanks to Twitter, the picture of who has made the Texans' initial 53-man roster has become clearer. It's not complete, but we know a lot more than we did a few hours ago. As you'd expect, Mark Berman leads the way.

That last tweet is rather profound, what with this from Bob Allen earlier tonight:

Ha. Glad I'm not the moron who wrote this earlier today:

1. I hated leaving Cierre Wood off the roster, and you know the Texans will too. Wood was fantastic last night and looks like he's a great fit for the Texans' offensive scheme. I just can't see a way that Kubes chooses Wood over Karim. If the Texans are truly scared that he'll get picked up by someone else (and they should be), they'll carry four RBs. That could happen.

That guy should probably just stop writing about your Houston Texans. He embarrasses those of us who know what we're talking about. More news from people like me who truly have the pulse of the team:

While nothing's set in stone until the Texans make the official announcement tomorrow, I invite you to weigh in on these reports in the Comments below. I'll be over here in the corner, continuing to knit my Jonathan Grimes memorial quilt.