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2013 Houston Texans Training Camp: Notable Quotes From Day Eleven

See what Gary Kubiak, Brooks Reed, DeAndre Hopkins, Sam Montgomery, and more had to say after today's Houston Texans training camp practice.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a link to the complete transcript of today's post-practice quotes; I recommend you give it a look-see. In the meantime, the high points are below for your immediate dissection and reaction.

Gary Kubiak:

(on G Wade Smith’s status) "Yeah, he got dinged a little bit, so we took him in. We’ll get it looked at, him and (CB Brandon Harris), (Harris) got a little sore groin this morning, so we pulled him out."

(on OLB Brooks Reed back practicing) "Yeah, Brooks is back. Got pretty much everyone going again. We took our pads off today, freshen up here working into Friday. Get these guys legs back under him. We got a lot of guys who were out of contact back to work today."

(on how OLB Sam Montgomery is looking) "I know he did a little bit today. He’s just behind. It’s going to take some time and we’re trying to work him through the soreness of his ankle sprain and obviously he’s not going to be a part of what we’re doing this week I don’t think. I may be premature in saying that, but a long way to go."

(on the status or RBs Arian Foster and Ben Tate) "I think you’ll see Ben back tomorrow. That’s what I’m hearing. As far as Arian goes, the biggest thing with him is we’ve got to get him back and involved with the process. You’re watching Cush (ILB Brian Cushing) go through it and everybody’s got to go through that process to get ready to play. The quicker we get him back, the better. I know that he worked good today, but we haven’t had some goal of Friday or nothing like that right now. We’re just trying to get him where we get him back involved in the program and start getting him ready to go."

(on the linebacker corps being thin) "(ILB Tim) Dobbins is out today. I’m concerned about that going into Friday, but I’m sure hoping I get Dobbins back."

(on how ILB Joe Mays has looked since joining the team) "He’s done really well. Great addition to the team."

(on what kind of training camp CB Brice McCain has had) "He’s had a real good camp. He started slow because of all of the situations with his foot coming out of last year, but he’s full speed. He doesn’t miss anything right now and he’s having a good camp."

DeAndre Hopkins:

(on if he has surprised himself) "No, I haven’t. I expected to do everything that I’ve done."

(on whether he is anxious about the game speed Friday night) "Yeah I am, but we go pretty hard out here at practice and we’ve got a great defense out here. I don’t know how much better a defense can get than this defense."

(on if watching WR Andre Johnson as helpful as he thought it would be) "Of course it is. Sometimes I get caught up watching him instead of running my route, honestly. But you know, watching him off the field as well as on the field, no I don’t think I could be in a better situation."

Sam Montgomery:

(on his mindset) "Mental preparation for getting ready for whatever comes. I’m just working hard to make sure I stay in shape. My body weight was weighed in today, it was doing really great. I went out there and killed the runs. I’m just trying to make sure that I’m mentally and physically ready for when they call my name."

(on how his ankle feels) "The ankle feels pretty good. I’m doing drops, doing cuts, doing sprints, getting out of stances and everything I can normally. It’s a little sore at times but still I push through it and get better every day."

(on if he feels like he’s behind) "I honestly feel like I’m right there with the team. I come out there every day with my notepad and my book and I take a lot of mental reps. I write down everything, I do what I’m supposed to do. I just take advantage of every last opportunity that I’m given."

(on if he got better while watching practice) "Yes. I learned the playbook."

Daniel Muir:

(on DE Antonio Smith) "As far as Antonio Smith comes, I’ve always said coming here, I definitely wanted to be part of this, but before I came here, I was always a fan too. I like watching the D-line (defensive line) play. Antonio Smith I think is one of the most underrated guys in the NFL. The guy makes plays point blank. They may not be pretty. They may not be exciting to a lot of people, but he makes plays and he’s very productive."

(on seeing what DE J.J. Watt did last season and what’s the one thing that has been different or that he’s learned about him) "Well, I don’t know what he did last year because I wasn’t here, but usually when you see guys who have had the success that he’s had, a lot of times they taper off a little bit. I did that in the past where I had some success and I kind of sat back a little. It’s very easy to get comfortable and a lot of times that can destroy you. But as far as J.J. goes, he comes out here every day and works hard. In film study, he works hard and he’s really, really trying to perfect his craft and that’s why he’s very good. To be honest with you, what he did last year was historic at his position, but the way the guy works, knows this defense, I see him doing way more damage than even last year to be honest with you."

Brooks Reed:

(on his knee) "I feel good. It’s just a contusion. Something that a days’ worth fixed, but there’s some swelling and stuff. It was just helpful to just take that day off and just get the swelling down, but I’m better today."

(on if his knee is worrisome) "No, when it happened I was pretty scared maybe I did something to it, but I got it all checked out and there’s nothing wrong."