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SPONSORED POST: Where Are The 2013 Houston Texans Strongest?

With the 2013 preseason beginning, what do you think is the Houston Texans' greatest positional strength?

That elbow brace is pretty strong.
That elbow brace is pretty strong.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Castrol Edge, I've got a simple question/poll/discussion topic for Texans fans on this fine Thursday morning. Entering the 2013 preseason (tomorrow night cannot get here quickly enough), at what position would you say your Houston Texans are currently the strongest? "Strongest" can mean different things to different fans; it may mean "deepest" to one fan and "best" to another. You define it however you like; all I ask is that you explain your logic.

As such, please vote in the poll and then discuss your ballot in the Comments below.