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Open Thread: Thursday Night Football Preseason Edition

After the Dolphins lowered themselves enough to play a minor league team last week, real preseason football kicks off tonight.

If it's the preseason, it's CampStar's time to shine.
If it's the preseason, it's CampStar's time to shine.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's here.

No, it's not the real thing. It's kinda like going out on a date expecting papabear and getting Shake, but it still counts.

There are six games on the docket tonight:

  • Baltimore @ Tampa Bay: Last year's "defending" Super Bowl champions, now with one less murderer, head down to battle the Bucs.
  • Cincinnati @ Atlanta: Tonight's ESPN game (so the one I'll probably watch). The Pride of Katy will make Tim proud for a drive or two before giving way to backups.
  • St. Louis @ Cleveland: Because somebody has to play Cleveland. I guess.
  • Washington @ Tennessee: RGIII and the rest of the Redskins will try to avoid the meth labs strewn throughout the state. Remember: it's all relative in Tennessee.
  • Denver @ San Francisco: If this was a real game, it would definitely be the marquee match-up of the evening.
  • Seattle @ San Diego: I promise to not make a single "whale's vagina" joke this year. Nope, not one.
Usual open thread rules apply. Please discontinue use if nausea occurs. May cause blindness.