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SITE NEWS: Houston Texans Game Day On Battle Red Blog

There's no better place for Texans fans to congregate and chat than Battle Red Blog. Check out how we'll be handling Texans game days this year.

Well, that's a look.
Well, that's a look.
Thomas B. Shea

If you wandered into this corner of the internet sometime after the Texans' 2012 season ended, you may not be familiar with how we get down on game day here at BRB. If that's the case, read on to learn what we do for every Texans game. If you're a veteran of BRB and know exactly what we do on game day, you should still read on. I mean, you've already come this far, and odds are that I make a terrible joke that you'll want to mock me for in the Comments.

Four (4) hours before kickoff (e.g., 3 p.m. CDT today for tonight's 7 p.m. Texans-Vikings game), we'll get a pre-game/countdown thread up. That'll be your venue for chatting and sharing your excitement/observations/witty banter as the Texans game creeps closer. Should one of those "Countdown To Kickoff" threads get full, we'll post another one to ensure you're not having to navigate through a thousand comments in a single thread before the game.

Then, fifteen minutes before kickoff (e.g., 6:45 p.m. CDT this evening), we'll get the official first quarter open game thread up. At that point, the conversation should move from the Countdown thread to the first quarter thread. Whichever staff member is handling the open threads will be responsible for getting additional threads published as necessary; generally, we'll plan on doing a new one for each quarter, but a surplus or dearth of comments could result in less or additional threads.

Finally, after the game is over, we'll get a post-game reaction thread up. That post will link to box score of the game, the writer's immediate reaction to what happened, and then we'll turn it loose for everyone to share their thoughts in the Comments.

As with everything, this is subject to change with the whims of a madman. But that's what we're looking at doing. Thoughts? Suggestions? Cutting remarks that will make me question my self-worth? Let it fly in the Comments.