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Bleach Social: Where Are You Watching Texans-Vikings?

Texans fans should help other Texans fans. In all things, really. But definitely when it comes to suggestions about where to watch the Texans play, starting with tonight's Texans-Vikings preseason opener.

The Ninja sees all.
The Ninja sees all.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of years ago, we started this feature on BRB. Why? Because we'd see FanPosts like this. Or I'd get e-mails like the one below, which I received last year around this time:

Good afternoon. Is there a Texans backers club/group in the DFW area? I’m trying to find out if the Texans / SF game is on anywhere in DFW and was hoping someone might know something. Thanks for the time.

Texans fans can help other Texans fans out, and BRB's as good a place as any to facilitate that. Sometimes it's as simple as finding a link to the Texans' television and radio broadcast network to confirm what channel or station the game will be on in your neck of the woods (it's Channel 13 tonight for those of us in the Houston area, if you didn't know). Sometimes it's not that easy. So tell us what your plans for tonight's game are.

Looking to see where your fellow Katians are watching the Texans open their 2013 preseason tonight?

New sports bar opening in your neighborhood Texans fans should know about?

Got a prime viewing spot in McAllen staked out and want to let Texans fans know?

Going to be in Minneapolis this evening and need to find a home away from home to catch the Texans play the Vikings?

Heading to the Metrodome (like a certain intrepid transplanted Houstonian) and curious if any other BRBers will be there?

Privy to the location of a cannabis cafe with a projection screen and NFL Preseason Live in Amsterdam?

Even if you're just watching at your house, or a buddy's house, tell your fellow BRBers what you've got planned for the evening.

If you're looking for somewhere to watch the Texans play tonight, this is where you should ask the question. Similarly, if you've got a great game-watching spot in your neck of the woods and want to tip fellow Texans fans off to it, please share that information in the Comments below. Let the power of community help your fellow fans.