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Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Vikings

Talk Texans-Vikings preseason action live in the open game day threads at Battle Red Blog. There is no better place to chat with football fans than on SB Nation's continually updating, magical, live open threads during a game.

We should get to see lots of reps tonight for #HUNTMODE.
We should get to see lots of reps tonight for #HUNTMODE.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Your Houston Texans are about to play football! With pads and hitting and keeping score and everything! I care not that the game doesn't count, or that the starters will play very little and in some cases not at all. It's football on my television. It's glorious.

This is your first open game day thread for Texans-Vikings. Round yourself into regular season form in the Comments.

Edit: Since this is the first open thread of the season, a couple of quick rules.

  • Be kind to each other and any guests who drop by. You can talk smack, you can disagree, and you can also do it thoughtfully without being the toughest guy on the Interwebz.
  • Do not troll your fellow Texans fans.
  • This is a forum about football with fans of all sorts of backgrounds.
  • Finally, for Durga's sake, don't post nudie pics. If I want to see pics of dongs, I'll ask MDC.

Leg hugs,