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Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Vikings (Part Deux)

The first half of the Texans-Vikings game sees the Vikings up on the good guys by a score of 13-10, and Channel 13 essentially blacking out the game for Texans fans with their failure to maintain a signal. Check out the second half open thread on Battle Red Blog.

"I can't believe Shiloh did that either!"
"I can't believe Shiloh did that either!"
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Shiloh Keo.  Eddie Pleasant.  Roc Carmichael.  DeAndre Hopkins.  Randy Bullock.  Channel 13 doing quite possibly the worst job of maintaining a television signal I've ever seen (IN A DOME, NO LESS).  That's your first half summary, Texans fans.

This is your second half open game day thread for Texans-Vikings.  Keep the conversation and reaction going in the Comments as the second half unfolds.

Since this is the first game of the season, a couple of quick rules:

  • Be kind to each other and any guests who drop by. You can talk smack, you can disagree, and you can also do it thoughtfully without being the toughest guy on the Interwebz.
  • Do not troll your fellow Texans fans.
  • This is a forum about football with fans of all sorts of backgrounds.
  • Finally, for Durga's sake, don't post nudie pics. If I want to see pics of dongs, I'll ask MDC.
Leg hugs,