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Houston Texans Practice Squad: No Definitive Word, But A Few Kernels Of Information

Does it seem like every other NFL team has announced which players are on its practice squad? Your Houston Texans have made no such proclamation, but that doesn't mean fans are completely in the dark. Read the clues and tea leaves at Battle Red Blog.

Member of the Houston Texans practice squad?
Member of the Houston Texans practice squad?
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

NFL teams were free to start signing players to their respective practice squads at 11 a.m. CDT this morning. As I write this post at 8:30 p.m. CDT, your Houston Texans have yet to announce the eight (8) players they signed to their practice squad. Why? I'm guessing that the fact that a handful of the guys they cut--and subsequently hoped to sign to their practice squad--got claimed off waivers by other teams threw a wrench into Smithiak's plan. Dave Zangaro summarizes:

That doesn't mean we are totally bereft of information as to who will make the Texans' practice squad. While it's not an official announcement, the timing and wording of this tweet by Uzoma Nwachukwu would lead me to believe he's on Houston's practice squad:

And typo aside, this report would seem to indicate that Zach Boren has been signed to the Texans' practice squad as well:

Assuming our powers of deduction and/or the reports are accurate, that leaves six (6) practice squad spots with the Texans available. We'll continue to monitor the wire to see who'll fill out the lineup.