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Houston Texans-San Diego Chargers Post-Game: The Day After

A day after the Texans came back from three TDs down to beat the Chargers in San Diego on Monday Night Football, Battle Red Blog asks what stuck out to you from the game and shares some thoughts on what we witnessed last night.

Donald Miralle

Good morning. I trust you're feeling as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as I am.

We'll be celebrating the Texans' fantastic win over the Chargers throughout the day before turning our attention to Bud Adams' Army of Darkness and the Texans' home opener on Sunday. As we clear the cobwebs from last night, I wanted to get a fresh thread up so we can continue to chat about what we took away from Texans 31, Chargers 28. My quick thoughts:

1. I don't know that we'll ever see a better interception than the one Brian Cushing had last night. He completely laid out for that ball. Wow.

2. Absolutely LOVE that Randy Bullock has a game-winner, on the road, on his resume a mere game into his professional kicking career. That's the type of play that sticks with the player who made it.

3. Watching Duane Brown get abused by Dwight Freeney made me flash back to Brown's rookie year. Twas ugly. Bad games happen, though, even to the best left tackle in the game. He'll bounce back.

4. For all his shortcomings in coverage, Joe Mays is a weapon against the run.

5. Ben Tate reminded me of 2011 more than 2012 last night. That's rather promising, both for the Texans and Tate's next contract.

6. Arian Foster will be fine. No need to freak out.

7. Watching Andre Johnson never ceases to amaze me. Year after year, game after game, he makes big play after big play. The exceptional is 'Dre's routine.

8. Lots to get excited about with DeAndre Hopkins. And it should only get better.

9. Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham are a force to be reckoned with.

10. One of the happiest guys on the plane home has to be Lestar Jean. His inexcusable and horrendous penalties will fade--if they haven't already--from the collective memory of Texans fans. They shouldn't, though.

11. In that same boat with Jean as a Texan who was brutal last night, yet we're all likely to forget about it in the wake of a historic win? Brice McCain.

12. Matt Schaub was tremendous. He made a ton of big throws and was as big a reason as anybody that the Texans were able to rally back from a three (3!) touchdown deficit.

13. J.J. Watt may not have sacked Philip Rivers last night, but make no mistake: He was very, very good.

14. Jon Weeks for MVP? Never has being a defenseless player on a field goal attempt worked out so well for a team.

15. Gary Kubiak called for a fake punt. With Shiloh Keo. And succeeded. I remain as stunned by this now as I was when it first happened.

Your thoughts from the day after your Houston Texans went 1-0?

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