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Texans-Chargers Post-Game Aftermath: Week 1 Hero & Goat

After a stunning 31-28 victory on Monday Night Football, there's a Texan to cheer and a Texan to jeer.

The Jon Weeks Fan Club
The Jon Weeks Fan Club
Jeff Gross

Well, how about that game? How 'bout them Texans? I still can't get over that 24-point unanswered onslaught. As is customary around these parts after a game, at least going on three seasons, is a look at heroes and goats.

Two years ago, I wrote a post-game post entitled "Unsung Heroes." After thinking it needed to evolve, I came up with "G.O.A.T.s," but I thought it was still incomplete. For starters, I was not consistent with the use of "Get On" and "Get Off" and apply them pretty liberally. The best way to go about uniformed consistency? Tweak the format a bit and combine both the 'heroes' and 'goats' terms to praise, blame, and all around talk about the game. I debuted this last season, so let's get onto it. We'll start with the goat since Houston won.

Goat of the Week: I'm tempted to put left tackle Duane Brown here since he got regularly whipped, but Dwight Freeney's a potential Hall of Famer so I'll let it slide for now. Besides, there was a Texan who was worse.

Cornerback Brice McCain, in a memorable sequence, was called for a 21-yard pass interference penalty and then he was beat by Chargers wide receiver Eddie Royal for a touchdown. In general, McCain looked lost, out of place, and just had troubles in coverage. Bad coverage wasn't just McCain specific, especially in the first half, but McCain was the worst of the bunch.

Hero of the Week: While not a correctly called penalty, it's not often that you can acknowledge and point to a long snapper for a positive play. Jon Weeks has been money during his Texans career. I'm struggling to remember his last poor snap, which says a lot since he's only really noticed on botched snaps.

Weeks deserves some credit for being in a position to draw the flag, which led to an Owen Daniels touchdown during the comeback, but I'll also shout him out for delivering perfect snaps to punter Shane Lechler, who dropped all three of his punts inside the 20, delivering the snap to Shiloh Keo on the fake punt that resulted in a first down, and executing the snap during Randy Bullock's game-winning field. Jon Weeks, long snapper, beasted Monday night. We are all witnesses.

Shout it out, BRBers. Who are your goats and heroes this week?

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