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Battle Red Blazin' Hot NFL Picks: "Let's Kick Some Ice" Edition (Week 2)

Week 2 is right around the corner and Battle Red Blog is teaming up with Buffalo Wild Wings to bring you some smokin' hot weekly picks. Stay tuned every week as we take a look at the games ahead of us.

Like Keshawn Martin, I dropped the ball on last week's upset, but hope springs eternal for Miami over Indy.
Like Keshawn Martin, I dropped the ball on last week's upset, but hope springs eternal for Miami over Indy.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, your fifth favorite BRB writer finished with a Pick 'Em record of 10-6. Not bad, I suppose. My confidence in the Steelers to beat the Titans at home was misplaced, as was my hysterical assurance that Buccaneers would easily beat the Jets. The Steelers are in worse shape than I thought and already have a slew of injuries to deal with; this spelled victory for the Titans, unfortunately. Joke's on me there, but don't you dare hold that Jets pick against me!

I did nail the Bengals losing on the road against the Bears, however, and my Upset City pick of Panthers over Seahawks wasn't THAT crazy after all, given the score.

It was an eventful week, full of upsets, close finishes and a few blowouts sprinkled in, but that didn't stop these guys from killing it in picking the NFL's opening slate of games. Check it out:

BRB's Pick 'Em Top Five

Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 STEELBLUE 15 0 15-1
2 Schaub Law Blog 13 0 13-3
3 ketchuppants7 13 0 13-3
4 XRoadie 13 0 13-3
5 kurtatx picks 13 0 13-3

Tip of the hat to you, fellas. Keep it going.

Check out the full rankings here. And now on let's kick some ice!

New York Jets @ New England Patriots (-12.5)

I picked the New England to beat Arizona in Week 2 last year in Foxboro. That didn't work very well, so I'm hesitating ever so slightly. But who in their right mind would pick the Jets to win this week? Or even last week? Geno Smith showed off some clutch personal-foul-drawing moxie to bring his team into field goal range for the win. That won't happen again... right?

Crazy things can happen, but there's no way these Jets can beat the Pats. *gulp* Winner: Patriots

St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons (-7)

Atlanta should be angry and hungry to stay in within sights of their rival New Orleans, to whom they dropped a tight game last week. I don't see them dropping to 0-2 in their home opener, but I wouldn't pick them with the spread. That offensive line is looking mighty porous in pass protection. Winner: Falcons

Carolina Panthers @ Buffalo Bills (+3)

A so-far stingy Carolina defense travels north to face an enigmatic Buffalo squad that nearly upset New England. This is a tough one to pick. I'll lean towards the veteran group. Winner: Panthers

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears (-6.5)

If Chicago can mimic the job Detroit did in containing Adrian Peterson, it should be an easy victory at Soldier Field. Other than Peterson's 78-yard touchdown score, the Vikings' running back notched a dismal 15 yards on 17 carries for one other score. Peterson is certainly capable of dragging Christian Ponder along to victory ,but it's tough to pick him against a talented Chicago defense. Winner: Bears

Washington Redskins @ Green Bay Packers (-7)

Washington was blown out for much of Monday night's game versus Philly and only made it close when the Eagles started playing conservatively. Has RGIII shaken off enough rust to carry his team past a high-powered Green Bay offense? Not so sure yet. Winner: Packers

Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts (-3)

Miami can play a strong ball control style of offense that can keep Andrew Luck off the field. Couple that with a strong front seven that could wreck havoc against an offensive line that struggled against Oakland, and this has all the makings of small upset in Lucas Oil Stadium. Winner: Dolphins

Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs (-3)

Dallas must be feeling great after a tough win against the rival New York Giants. Now they're up against an old nemesis in Andy Reid with his Kansas City Chiefs. I think Reid has all the tools he needs to build a strong team with the Chiefs and they'll beat the Cowboys at home. Winner: Chiefs

San Diego Chargers @ Philadelphia Eagles (-7.5)

No one was sure how effective Chip Kelly's style would be in the NFL before last week against Washington. Now we know: They play very uptempo with plenty of read option wrinkles thrown in. I don't expect the Chargers' defense to keep up. Winner: Eagles

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens (-6.5)

Quarterback Brandon Weeden frustrated fans with three interceptions (one off of a tipped pass) and running back Trent Richardson had a mere 47 yards rushing against the Miami Dolphins. I think the Ravens' defense can help replicate those results after getting demolished against Denver. Baltimore still has a stout run stopping crew and will force Weeden to air it out. That's not a winning formula for Cleveland. Winner: Ravens

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans (-8.5)

After a rough start, the Texans showed off the power of their fully armed and operational roster by scoring 24 unanswered points for a win on the road in Monday Night Football. The Titans struggled to put points up against a decimated Pittsburgh team. Jake Locker scares no one. Winner: Texans

Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals (+1)

A possible shootout in Arizona. The Lions showcased a multifaceted offense against the Vikings. Carson Palmer proved he still has what it takes to air it out, with three different receiver totaling more than 80 yards. I'll give the edge to the Cardinals. Winner: Cardinals

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3)

Drew Brees and Sean Payton haven't missed a beat since being reunited and Tampa Bay looked horrible against the New York Jets. I expect more of the same. Winner: Saints

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders (-6)

Oakland turned some heads with Terrelle Pryor's performance last week. Meanwhile, Jacksonville turned some stomachs with their performance against Kansas City. Blaine Gabbert is injured (already) so perhaps the Jaguars will put up more of a fight with Chad Henne, but don't count on it. Winner: Raiders

Denver Broncos @ New York Giants (+4.5)

Peyton Manning travels to New York to school his little brother with a loaded offense. The media is going to eat this up. Winner: Broncos

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks (-3)

Seattle's struggle to put up points against Carolina is overstated, according to SBN's Field Gulls. The highly efficient passing and strong emphasis on the run from both sides shortened that game tremendously compared to the rest of the league. Meanwhile, San Francisco matched Green Bay point for point through most of their game. High scoring games are sexy and inspire confidence in a team. That's why the 49ers are favored despite playing on the road. I misread the spread. Seahawks are favored.

I think these two teams are more evenly matched than that, and I'm giving Seattle the edge at home. Winner: Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals (-7)

Pittsburgh's roster is in flux, especially the offensive line with the loss of Maurkice Pouncey. Cincinatti's defense couldn't sack Cutler even once last week, and I think that should stoke some fires along that defensive line. Ben Roethlisberger will be on the run early and often. Winner: Bengals


Survival League Pick: Cincinnati Bengals

Call me crazy, but I'm not trusting the New England Patriots in Week 2 two years in a row. I'll let them get in midseason form first.

Arrivederci to everyone who picked the Bucs to beat the Jets... can't say I blame you for doing that, but that's the NFL. Fluke wins happen.

I have to ask, though. What's up with the Cleveland pick, Lukayyy?


That'll do it for this week. Let me know what you think of my picks in the Comments section below. Be sure to make your Pick 'Em league picks here and Survival League pick here.