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Jurrell Casey: Titans Will "Make Sure We Put Our Foot Up [Texans'] (Butt)" On Sunday

Strong talk from the Titans' third-year defensive tackle about Sunday's upcoming AFC South matchup. See what Brian Cushing had to say in response to Jurrell Casey's pledge.

Can Casey do this on Sunday against the Texans' offensive line?
Can Casey do this on Sunday against the Texans' offensive line?
Justin K. Aller

If you don't know who Jurrell Casey is, you're not alone. The Titans' defensive tackle just began his third year in the league and hasn't exactly had the opportunity to thrive on the national stage, thanks to the Titans' struggles the last few years. Although Casey hasn't gotten a lot of attention from the mainstream media outside Nashville, make no mistake: He's a very good football player.

Being a very good player, It would appear Casey has decided he wants to start talking the talk. Paul Kuharskey reports that Casey this to say about Sunday's upcoming tilt against the Texans at Reliant Stadium:

"We're going to go out there and make sure we put our foot up their (butt). Sorry about the cuss word."

Kuharsky continues:

My colleague Tania Ganguli took that to Brian Cushing who had a good response.

"Good luck," Cushing said. "He was real quiet at SC, I don’t know what happened to him. He used to be a nice kid."

We'll see what happens on Sunday, Jurrell.