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Texans-Titans Final Score: Houston Is Comeback City Once Again, Wins In Overtime 30-24

Another game of struggling leads to more 4th quarter and overtime magic this week as the Texans defeat the Titans to move to 2-0.

Word to your mother.
Word to your mother.
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The Tennessee Titans invested a lot of money in their offensive line. This new line was going to open up running lanes for running back Chris Johnson and give quarterback Jake Locker plenty of time to throw. Locker was sacked four times and Johnson only averaged 3.8 yards per carry, but that didn't matter. The story of the game was Tennessee's defensive line. 

After a strong opening drive, where running backs Ben Tate and Arian Foster piled up 79 rushing yards, the Houston Texans had no where to run and quarterback Matt Schaub had nowhere to hide. The Texans only managed 58 rushing yards the rest of the game while Schaub averaged 5.8 yards per attempt as his receivers struggled to get away from Alterraun Verner and company.

For the most part, the Texans defense kept Tennessee in check. Defensive end J.J. Watt and linebacker Brian Cushing each had two sacks while linebacker Joe Mays picked up a safety on Johnson. On both of Tennessee's touchdown drives, including their 99-yard march down the field, the Titans were helped out by some drive-continuing penalties.

Special teams wise, punter Shane Lechler showed why he's considered the best punter in the world today. Lechler landed five of his seven punts inside the 20. On the flip side of that, young kicker Randy Bullock struggled and missed two 50-yard field goals in the first half. On the season, Bullock is 1-for-4 on field goals. It's not the greatest start to his career.

Houston falls to 1-1 while Tennessee moves to a surprising 2-0. The Texans hit the road next week to take on the defending Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens.

I wrote all of the above before the game-tying drive. Some of it is still true, but a lot of the story changed after that drive. I'm leaving it up so we all can remember that this team struggled before they had that drive. 

You know the drive, where quarterback Matt Schaub finally found a receiver not named Andre Johnson. Where rookie wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins caught three passes for 64 yards, Andre Johnson brought the Texans to the two-yard line with a tough 21-yard grab, and running back Arian Foster scored a two-yard touchdown and picked up the two-point conversion.

The game would go to overtime after Randy Bullock missed his third field goal of the day, where a 25-yard third down DeAndre Hopkins reception would set up a three-yard Hopkins touchdown catch to win the game 30-24 in overtime over the Tennessee Titans. 

After a 117 yard performance, DeAndre Hopkins is a star, folks. We are all witnesses. 

Here's the story: Your Houston Texans aren't quitters. Your Houston Texans are resilient. Your Houston Texans break the hearts of opposing fans after they see their team surprisingly dominate 95% of the game. Your Houston Texans are 2-0 as they head to meet the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. 

Have at the comments, BRBers! Tell me how many years this team has taken off your life this year! 

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