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Texans-Titans Aftermath: Who Are Week 2's Hero And Goat?

C'mon now. You KNEW I had to go this way. See who the hero and the opposite of hero was in the Texans' rousing comeback win over the Titans in Week 2.

We are all witnesses.
We are all witnesses.
Bob Levey

Sometimes in life, the best answer or decision is the obvious one. You don't need to overthink things or get cute or do too much. "Keep it simple, stupid" should be a tenet to live by. We'll adhere to that rule here in our weekly Hero and Goat honors. Since the Texans won another thriller, we'll start with our goat.

Goat of the Week: Kicker Randy Bullock
You have one job, Randy. It's a simple one, too. Just use your foot to kick the ball through the yellow uprights that are roughly 17-55 yards away. Instead, the former fightin' Aggie missed all three of his attempts, including a potential game-winner from 46 yards that he had about four practice kicks for.

On the year, Bullock is 1-for-5 on field goals. Forget the talks of young kicker taking his lumps or having to learn how to deal with the pressure.  This is a professional football kicker who is 1-for-5 after an 0-for-3 day. That's not good.  The heat is on for Randy.  He has to start making kicks. Given all his touchbacks, we know the power is there, but the accuracy needs to be on display, too.

Hero of the Week: Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins
For the first time since December 26th, 2010, when Jacoby Jones put up 115 yards on the Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos, a Texans wide receiver not named Andre Johnson put up 100-plus yards for your Houston Texans. Hopkins, in his second career game, had seven receptions for 117 yards and a touchdown. Five catches and 92 yards came on the game-tying and game-winning drives, including the 25-yard reception on 3rd and long and the game-winning three-yard touchdown fade from Matt Schaub.

Hopkins was drafted to give Houston a viable threat across from Johnson and an option should Johnson not be on the field, as he wasn't after Tennessee safety Bernard Pollard went headhunting. Hopkins saw one-on-one man coverage, stepped up, and helped Houston walk off as winners. This is only his second game, folks. Something tells me that he'll rack up a few more hero honors before it's all said and done.

That's it here. What say you, BRBers? Think Shane Lechler's mighty leg is deserving of an ode? Are you ready to shake your fist at some secondary members? Sound off below.

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