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Houston Texans Injuries: Andre Johnson Concussion Update

After Bernard Pollard concussed him in the Texans' win over the Titans yesterday, how is Andre Johnson doing? Will he play on Sunday in Baltimore?

He still managed to make the catch after getting concussed.
He still managed to make the catch after getting concussed.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In his weekly press conference, Gary Kubiak answered questions about how Andre Johnson was doing in the wake of getting concussed at the hands of Bernard Pollard:

(on the status of WR Andre Johnson) “He did have a concussion and he’s obviously in the protocol. He’s doing great today. He rode the bike today. He’s doing great, but he’s in the protocol.”

(on if he expects WR Andre Johnson to play this week) “I think obviously it will be an end of the week decision because he’s got to go through the process, but I think, after the game talking to him and seeing where he’s at today, obviously he’s doing really well. I would expect the progress to go pretty quickly if it goes like it has the last 24 hours.”

Hopefully 'Dre passes all the checkpoints on the league's concussion protocol in time to play on Sunday in Baltimore. While there's no debating that the Texans--Matt Schaub, more than anybody--need Andre Johnson on the field, I don't expect to hear anything definitive about Andre Johnson's availability for the Ravens game until Friday at the absolute earliest.