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#REEDWATCH: Will Ed Reed Play In Baltimore On Sunday?

Ed Reed signed with the Houston Texans to play safety. Ed Reed has yet to play safety for the Houston Texans. Does that change this weekend when the Texans travel to Ed's old stomping ground in Baltimore?

Someone get Ed an iPod Shuffle for Christmas.
Someone get Ed an iPod Shuffle for Christmas.
Bob Levey

Remember back in March when Ed Reed signed with the Texans? Those were heady times.

Remember back in May when we found out Ed Reed had hip surgery after he signed with the Texans? Those were less heady times.

Remember when Ed Reed said he totally planned to be ready for Week One of the regular season, unless he couldn't be ready? That was neat.

Then, shortly before the Texans' second game of the season two days ago, there was talk that Ed Reed might possibly be active. That didn't happen, of course, but Ed worked out on the field before the game. Yesterday, Gary Kubiak said Reed was "very, very close" to playing against the Titans before promptly stating that he didn't know if Ed Reed would play in Baltimore on Sunday.

So will Ed Reed play on Sunday? If the game was in, say, Jacksonville, maybe not. But in Baltimore? Where Reed played his entire career before this year? Where Reed is beloved regardless and particularly beloved coming off a Super Bowl win? On the day that the Ravens just so happen to be inducting Ray Lewis into their Ring or Honor?

At the risk of jinxing it, I believe Ed Reed will play football for the Houston Texans on Sunday. Provide your answer to the question in the poll below.