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Bernard Pollard, Kareem Jackson Fined For Hits In Texans-Titans Game

One was flagged. The other wasn't. Both Bernard Pollard and Kareem Jackson got fined heavily for their conduct in last Sunday's Texans-Titans game.

This got Kareem Jackson fined $42,000.00.
This got Kareem Jackson fined $42,000.00.
Bob Levey

Bernard Pollard tweets:

Less than an hour later, Mark Berman reveals:

Recall that Pollard's hit on Andre Johnson did not draw a flag (though 'Dre did suffer a concussion from his head cracking the turf after the hit). Ice Kareem's hit on Kendall Wright did draw a flag.

With the league's emphasis on player safety, I'm not surprised both hits drew a fine, though we can debate whether either or both should have resulted in fines. The amount of the fines is a bit of a surprise; $42,000.00 is hardly a slap on the wrist. In terms of Pollard, I wonder how much of it is his reputation preceding him.

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