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Texans-Ravens Final Score: Houston Struggles In 2nd Quarter, Loses 30-9

No late game magic this week for the Houston Texans as they fall to the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens 30-9 in week three action.

This sums it up.
This sums it up.
Larry French

In the first quarter, the Houston Texans had the ball for 12:15 while the Baltimore Ravens had it for 2:45. Despite a 3-0 lead, behind the leg of Randy Bullock, it really felt as if the Texans would run away with this game. It would only be a matter of time before the Baltimore defense was sucking wind and chasing Arian Foster and Ben Tate...or not.

Behind a Daryl Smith pick-six and Tandon Doss 82-yard punt return touchdown in the 2nd quarter, the Ravens' other units sparked a fire. Ray Lewis' ring of honor ceremony helped grow the fire a little more which led to Joe Flacco showing people why he was the MVP of the past Super Bowl, as he led the Ravens offense to another touchdown right after halftime. 

In the end, the Ravens sent the Texans to 2-1 with a 30-9 loss. Houston sorely missed All-Pro left tackle Duane Brown as the Ravens front seven seemed to get pressure at will on Matt Schaub. All-Pro wide receiver Andre Johnson took a shot to the shins that, eventually, ended his game early, and the offense was, somehow, even more listless after that. 

Surprisingly, the Texans committed 14 penalties for 113 yards. The 14 penalties tied a franchise record for most accepted penalties in a game. I'll say that again. This veteran team, this supposed championship contender, set a record for penalties. The team looked sloppy, unprepared, unfocused, and downright bad.

If you're looking for a bright spot, Randy Bullock went 3-for-3 on field goals while Shane Lechler dumped three punts inside the 20, including a gorgeous bomb downed at the 1-yard line. Of course, the Doss punt return really negates any true praise for the special teams unit.

Houston's record stands at 2-1 and they'll, at least, be tied for the AFC South lead no matter what. Next week, the Texans welcome the dangerous Seattle Seahawks into Reliant Stadium. After today's game, I know everyone is excited about that one.

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