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Sam Montgomery Switching Positions

Mark Berman reports that Texans rookie Sam Montgomery will be changing jersey numbers and moving from outside linebacker in Wade Phillips' defense.

OLB no more.
OLB no more.

Back in April when the Texans drafted Sam Montgomery, questions abounded about where he'd play in Wade Phillips' scheme. Would he play defensive end, like he did at LSU? Or would the Texans try to move him to outside linebacker? The team quickly announced that Montgomery would play OLB; after studying his college tape, some very, very smart people (like this guy and this guy) thought that Montgomery could make the transition to the outside successfully.

Montgomery then proceeded to get hurt during rookie minicamp, allegedly showed up to training camp out of shape, and spent most of the preseason desperately trying to catch up. Through the first three weeks of the regular season, Montgomery has yet to dress for a game. From what I could tell, the Texans were redshirting Sam Montgomery this year.

That theory seems to be strengthened after Mark Berman tweeted the following tonight:

While it does seem odd that the team is giving up on the idea of Montgomery playing OLB so quickly, many observers thought that DE should have been where Montgomery was playing all along. Were you one of them? What do you make of the news that Montgomery will be moving (back) to DE as it pertains to his future with the Texans?

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