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Battle Red Radio: The Return Of The BRB Podcast

Stay awhile and listen to the 2013 regular season's first edition of Battle Red Radio. Topics include the Ravens, the Texans' offense, Duane Brown, the AFC South, and general jibber-jabber.

"Hey, maybe turn your head a little earlier."
"Hey, maybe turn your head a little earlier."
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Since Rivers is unable to run the show anymore, I, Matt Weston, will be taking over Battle Red Radio. And the first edition is now in the books.  Chris from Houston Diehards joined me for the maiden voyage of the 2013 season. There was Ravens-Texans talk, concern about the Texans' offense, missing Duane Brown, and a rundown of the AFC South.

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Until I get the hang of the new technology, we'll be taping Tuesday night and putting it up Wednesday morning. Once we hit a rhythm and I better understand this insane new venture, we'll go back to the old format where we run it live on Tuesday nights and take questions from the greatest commenters and readers live on the virtual air.

In case there's a problem with the player embedded, the direct link is here. Have fun listening as you sit in traffic, run on the treadmill like a hamster on a wheel. or try to pass the time at work.

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