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Sponsored Post: We Know Who The Texans' Best Is. Who's Second Best?

In 2013, reasonable minds cannot debate who the Texans' best player has been over the course of the franchise history. They can, however, argue about who is the runner-up to the title.

The curling up into the fetal position.
The curling up into the fetal position.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends at Applebee's have sponsored this post under the auspices of "Only The Best." When it comes to your Houston Texans, the identity of the best player in franchise history is not up for debate. It's Andre Johnson, and any argument to the contrary is heresy.

But when we shift our focus to who the second best player in franchise history is, the answer is far less clear. The obvious response would be J.J. Watt, yet it's fair to withhold judgment; even after Watt's historic 2012 campaign, he's only in his third year in the NFL and therefore the vast majority of his story has yet to be written.

If not Watt, then who? Duane Brown? Brian Cushing? After the 2011 season, I would have awarded points for a Johnathan Joseph nomination, single season be damned in light of how he transformed a truly wretched secondary. Now, not so much.

Who do you believe is the second best player in Texans' history? Answer and explain in the Comments.

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