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Countdown To Kickoff: Seahawks v. Texans

Nervous about the Houston Texans hosting the Seattle Seahawks at Reliant Stadium this afternoon? Vent that fear (or hope, even) in Battle Red Blog's Countdown To Kickoff open thread. You need to do something to pass the time until the game starts.

Time to respond to adversity, gentlemen.
Time to respond to adversity, gentlemen.
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

If such an animal as a "must-win" in Week Four of the regular season exists, it certainly doesn't exist when the team that allegedly must win is 2-1. I'm not saying Texans-Seahawks isn't a big game. It is. But it's not a must-win.

What today is, however, is a "must show up" for the Texans. There cannot be a repeat of what we saw in Baltimore last week. The Houston Texans are better than that, and they need to show it today at Reliant Stadium. Which Texans team will show up at noon?

Debate that issue, as well as anything else about the Texans and Seahawks, here. This the place for you to talk about the Texans, the Seahawks, what you hope to see this afternoon, and anything else Texans or Seahawks-related as we wait for those final minutes to tick by before kickoff.

The first open thread for the game will post at 11:45 a.m. CDT. Until then, make with the gameday chatter here.

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