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Open Game Day Thread Pt. 2: Seahawks At Texans

The Houston Texans have come out like men on fire. Can they keep it up in the second half? Who knows? But sound off in the live open game day thread on Battle Red Blog as the game progresses.

Bob Levey

This game has certainly moved fast, hmm? I guess that's what happens when you only have five combined penalties and nearly as many runs as you do passes. This is exactly what we expected from the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans in their week four match-up.

Wait, what's that? The Texans are leading 20-3? They've outgained the Seahawks 324-95 yards?! This isn't the 100-0 butt-kicking we all thought Houston was walking into? Whaaaat? 

Despite an early pinball-style interception, Matt Schaub has been lights out. He's thrown for 226 yards and two touchdowns, to Garrett Graham and Arian Foster. Graham, in particular, has had a stellar game. He leads the team with four receptions and 68 yards. The Foster and Ben Tate show have combined for 98 yards on the vaunted Seahawk defense.

Meanwhile, Houston's defense has been stellar. They've held Russell Wilson to 31 passing yards and Seattle's only had three first downs. Whitney Mercilus, Antonio Smith, and J.J. Watt have combined for two sacks while Brian Cushing has forced a fumble from Marshawn Lynch, who has been held in check for the most part.

Hopefully, the Texans can come out and maintain their dominance. You should maintain your commenting spirit below and let us behold your witty observations.

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