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Texans-Seahawks Aftermath: They Blew A 17-Point Lead At Home

I'll save you the suspense. There are no heroes when you blow a 17-point lead at home. Spoiler alert: I'll bring up the 17-point lead at home thing a lot, too.

"WTF, Mate?"
"WTF, Mate?"
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Do I really have to write this? Really? I suppose I don't, but I will.

I tried to give it some time after the game to distance myself. A trip to the gym, a walk, cooking dinner, an incredible Breaking Bad finale, and yet I still find myself a bit in disbelief and overall sick about the Houston Texans dropping a 17-point lead at home in the second half in true Oileresque fashion.

I will save this for a post to, work-permitting, be written later this week, but this team's problems stem a lot further than a quarterback. Some wiser men, who happen to write for this site, saw this coming. I did, just not to this extent, but I digress. The point being that coughing up a 17-point lead requires both an offense that doesn't score, a defense that allows a 98-yard touchdown drive and gives up 15-yards on a boneheaded penalty in overtime, and a special teams unit that makes a bad penalty and allows a 32-yard punt return to set an opponent up with decent field position. In my mind, it takes a perfect storm of suck to cough up a 17-point lead at home and lose a game where you had twice as many first downs, ran 30 more plays, and outgained a team by 206 total yards.

That all said, I'm not naming anyone as a hero this week. You don't have heroes when you blow a 17-point lead at home. It's a shame because outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus had the best performance in his young career. I'd love to praise him for his efforts in the run game and his 2.5 sack, three quarterback hit performance, but it would feel wrong after his team coughed up a 17-point lead at home.

As for my goat of the's the entire roster and coaching staff of the Houston Texans franchise. Every. Single. Player. And. Coach. At this point, you know why, but I'll emphasize it for you. The Houston Texans coughed up a 17-point lead at home. A fumble, a pick-six, a 98-yard touchdown drive, terrible penalties, terrible punt coverage, forgetting your dominating tight ends in the second half, and it all adds up to a 17-point choke job at home.

I applaud the first half as anyone else, but everyone's still waiting for this team to put together a complete 60-minutes for the first time since last October. This is a team beyond moral victories, and now it's a team that's in desperate need of a real victory in San Francisco on Sunday.

Rant over, BRB faithful. Is there a hero and goat for you?

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